• Who we are

    AmbScience is an Environmental Engineering Consulting and Services enterprise, mainly focused on solving and management of Contaminated Sites. Our proposal of partnership involves Environmental Investigation and Remediation, committed to provide effective and legal solutions to environmental issues of our clients.

    Our work team includes qualified Engineers, graduated in renowned institutions, with extensive experience in all kinds of areas affected by environmental contamination.

    AmbScience offers Technical and Legal Consultancy (Second Opinion) for compliance to Environmental Laws, for a great range of industrial purposes, since Research and Assessment, up to Remediation of Contaminated Sites, and Environmental Projects for Licensing, Waste Management, Environmental Consulting and Implementation of Management Services for Quality and Environment, as well as Training for the customer’s Operational Staff.

  • Mission, vision, values

    Our Mission: To supply the best environmental solutions for our client, strategically seeking the better cost-benefit in the application of defensible and legally recognized technologies for  the correct management of his  engineering and  manufacturing processes and purposes.

    Our Vision: To be among the main environmental consulting companies of Brazil,  aiming the application of the best technologies to solve our customers requirements in this area, working in a clear and objective manner, focusing on effective results.

    Our Values: Technological Innovation, Honesty, Organization, Ethics, Priority Sense, Social Responsibility, Productivity with Technical-scientific Quality, Fairness and Respect for Employees, Customers and Suppliers.

  • Our Differentials

    – Aggregate value to our customers’ businesses by adopting the best technical and economical solution.

    – Owning a team with capable professionals to work in various sectors of environmental area

  • Quality Policy

    Science and innovative technology applied and commited with the best solutions for YOUR environmental challenges and technical projects.

    AmbScience aims the application of techniques and solutions that will provide the best cost-benefit for your business.

    We pursue clarity and objectivity to give you the best results, focusing on proper actions to be taken to accomplish your goals, and simultaneously adjusting your procedures to environmental laws, and, so, recovering the company public image before society and environmental agencies, when needed.


We are an environmental company, headquartered in São Paulo, operating in industrial, commercial and service sectors of all country. We attend the environmental management as a whole, seeking the best cost-benefit results and prioritizing sustainable actions. We bring solutions in management of contaminated sites, attending all phases of the process, which involves environmental research, intervention plan, monitoring, remediation and restoration of the area, as well as licensing, training, waste management and second opinion.


    It comprises a set of techniques and methodologies applied in order to characterize the environmental liability of the area, starting with an evaluation of the damaged area, and further sequential environmental investigations, when necessary, and all required remediation action, controlling and monitoring of soil and groundwater.

    The whole process of environmental diagnosis has distinct phases, according to CETESB Contaminated Sites and Management Manual (2001), besides any other applicable laws.

    The steps mentioned below, and any other corrective measures required for your case can be discussed in a visit that will honor us.

    – Preliminary Assessment and Critical Analysis
    – Confirmatory Investigation / Assessment
    – Detailed Investigation / Assessment
    – Human Health Risk Assessment
    – Mathematical modeling of flow and transport of contaminants
    -Studies on Vapor Intrusion
    – Intervention Plan
    – Environmental Remediation
    – Monitoring of soil, vapors, wastewater, groundwater and surface water
    AmbScience assures you its expertise, and offers to your organization its skilled technical staff, who will care with proficiency of all stages of the Contaminated Sites Management, including a great application range of different environmental remediation techniques for different contaminants. See some of our success cases in AmbScience News page, and contact us using our e-mail ([email protected]) or telephone number (+55 11 2872-8295). Your call is welcome!




    Action with the companies and their partners, proposing the best technologies and environmental solutions, seeking an integrated, participatory and collaborative performance. Guidance regarding the processes related to environmental liabilities and contaminated areas, aiming to compliance with the relevant legislation, process monitoring and proposing the best techniques and methodologies choices for each case.



    Characterization of Industrial Wastes: Characterization of industrial wastes is made to determine their main physical, chemical, biological, quantitative and qualitative aspects. From this characterization, it is possible to determine which will be their final disposal.

    CADRI License: Document approving the disposal of industrial waste of environmental interest to reprocessing sites, storage, treatment or final disposal, licensed or authorized by CETESB.

    Packaging of industrial wastes: Technical guidance on the acquisition of packaging material for packaging and transportation of waste. The waste must be properly packed in material approved by INMETRO.

    Final disposal of industrial waste: Final disposal with disposal certificate issued, exempting the generator from future responsibilities.



    Water treatment for industrial use (reuse and recycle): Development of projects for industrial process reusing of water, or rain water, aiming economy of the natural resource and customer funds.



    Conceptual and Environmental Education: Training on environment and changing of paradigms, demonstrating opportunities for improvement and gains with the implementation of actions for the environmental preservation.

    Legal Requirements: Training on the relevant legislation for the industry operation, stating in a practical way the actions to be taken and the involved risks.

    Standards: Specific training for ISO 9000, ISO 14000, OSHAS 18000 (interpretation, implementation, internal auditors and Management Integrated Systems).


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